MaxBilling by TSD Software

MaxBilling app automates the billing process and streamlines the invoice-to-cash cycle.

Automate your billing process with MaxBilling for Relativity.

By automatically generating reports and invoices, MaxBilling reduces the time and effort you spend on billing, while also minimizing the chance for errors. Our Relativity integration helps you to easily and thoroughly manage your billing process within the platform. It allows you to generate detailed and easy-to-read PDF and Excel reports with calculated costs from pre-set or custom metrics, billing periods, rates, and tasks. The app comes with an invoicing functionality, which enables you to apply various custom options and offers flexibility in specifying invoice contents by using custom fields and templates, including a scheduling option for automation of the entire invoicing process.

Benefits of MaxBilling include:

  • Automatic report & invoice generation with custom schedule options
  • Ability to manage the entire Relativity instance billing information within a single Profile by using different pricing types
  • Various options for applying exceptions towards Workspaces, Matters, Clients or Locations
  • Various billing categories out of the box: Case Rollup, Case Flow, Language Services, Analytics, Processing, Users, Custom Tasks
  • Threshold (tiered) pricing functionality considering Client or Matter based Charge Levels
  • Custom and recurring billing periods for your periodic incremental usage check-ins
  • Single- and multi-client reports and invoices on Instance, Workspace, Matter and Client level
  • Available reports in PDF and Excel formats
  • Customizable invoices based on mappings and templates
  • Report data widgets allowing quick review and analysis of the report information on an Instance, Client, Matter, or Workspace level.
  • Customer Code capability unlocking a specific custom functionality in the app, which is available to one client only.
  • Option for separate configurable installations working independently for Client Domains