MultiMatter Management by KLDiscovery

MultiMatter Management allows litigation managers to spot discrepancies and normalize tagging of duplicate documents across multiple Relativity workspaces. Clients with ‘frequent flyer’ data will realize unprecedented advantages.

Reuse Work Product to Reduce Costs, Improve Consistency, and Minimize Risk

It is common for large volumes of corporate data to be reused on multiple cases and, therefore, exist in multiple Relativity workspaces. Our clients can now take full advantage of this data redundancy using MultiMatter Management.

The ability to reuse work product, such as coding on confidential, proprietary, and privileged information, dramatically reduces the cost of eDiscovery. Reusing work product also greatly improves consistency of review and minimizes the risk of inadvertent production/non-production, privilege waiver, and judicial sanctions.

Benefits of MultiMatter Management include:

  • Dashboard – Users monitor cases and control normalization through a simple yet powerful dashboard within Relativity.
  • Coding Consistency – Attorney coding decisions can be applied to all, or some, instances of a document across multiple matters.
  • Real-time Identification – Live monitoring allows users to spot and correct inconsistencies as they happen.
  • Flexibility and Control – Choose which matters and tags are subject to normalization checks.
  • Reuse Work Product – Preserve coding decisions for future matters–even if the original document is deleted or archived.
  • Secure Multi-party Support – Role-based permissions and separate Relativity workspaces prevent unauthorized access and commingling.