Audio Discovery by Nexidia

Nexidia helps legal professionals quickly and accurately search, review, and categorize large volumes of audio and video in response to discovery, regulatory, and compliance investigations. Nexidia’s patented phonetic process is the only technology that allows users to quickly search proper names, places, industry terms, and jargon without extensive training or cumbersome dictionaries. Reducing costs by as much as 50-80% over traditional human listening or transcription methods, Nexidia’s Audio Discovery is the best option for review and analysis of audio and video evidence.

Audio Discovery. Delivered.

Reviewing audio content can be expensive and time-consuming. Nexidia’s patented phonetic search technology greatly reduces the time and expense of audio discovery, while enhancing the credibility and thoroughness of the review process.

Nexidia’s patented technology quickly indexes large volumes of recorded audio using phoneme patterns–thus providing higher accuracy than dictionary-dependent, speech-to-text based audio search. The advanced query technology and metadata integration assists reviewers in drilling directly into the audio content. The result is highly relevant searches that can be quickly used to support your position or case.

Nexidia’s Relativity plug-in allows users to automatically create records in Relativity for the audio and video files they have identified in Nexidia’s Audio Discovery software. Through the plug-in, users are then able to organize, code, and play back relevant recordings while maintaining all relevant records in Relativity.

Nexidia’s Audio Discovery is used by virtually every US Regulatory agency, as well as law firms, and corporate legal departments to efficiently review and analyze large volumes of audio and video content.

Benefits of Nexidia’s Audio Discovery Include:

  • Uncovers critical evidence faster by delivering results in days – not weeks or months
  • Handles massive volumes of audio recordings economically with minimal resource requirements
  • Reduces review costs by 50-80% by eliminating manual listening and transcription
  • Returns highly accurate results
  • Leverages the powerful impact of actual voice tone and inflections by using audio files rather than written transcripts
  • Deploys audio discovery capabilities quickly, without upfront hardware and software licensing costs
  • Enables proactive review capabilities for compliance and internal investigations