Story Engine by NexLP

Utilize the advanced technologies of natural language processing, sentiment analysis, and visualization to understand the narrative of your case with NexLP’s Story Engine. Story Engine integrates seamlessly into Relativity to help lawyers, investigators, and knowledge workers quickly find the crucial facts and patterns of every case.

Quickly Find the Story in your Data

Built by data scientists, programmers, and e-discovery experts, Story Engine is a modern analytics tool designed to provide a tactical advantage for lawyers, investigators, and knowledge workers who need insight into data- and communication-based repositories. Perform early story analysis to strategize on your case early on and throughout its life cycle.

Story Engine provides narrative analysis and data interrogation capabilities via an easy-to-use, web-based tool. Its natural language processing, sentiment analysis, and pattern recognition engines are specifically tuned for eDiscovery, fraud investigations, and information governance.

Story Engine is available through leading service providers or as a direct deployment in your organization.

Benefits of Story Engine include:

  • Visually identify and understand major players and topics in your data
  • Utilize pattern detection to find key events and anomalies
  • Understand the context of a story with tone and work shift
  • Prepare for interviews and depositions quickly with dynamic profiles and summarized facts
  • Built-in visual threading and near-duplication detection allows for quick dissection of emails
  • Reduce false keyword searches with Named Entity Recognition technology–automatically identifying money, dates, people, locations, and organizations
  • Reduce errors in finding potentially privileged documents
  • Slice through production data quickly