ObscurePI by Infinnium

ObscurePI™ detects PI, PHI, or other sensitive information and enables direct, mass redactions and anonymization within native documents. A key module of 4iG by Infinnium, ObscurePI seamlessly integrates with Relativity to create efficiencies that drive down human error by redacting or anonymizing words, phrases, and text patterns simultaneously.

ObscurePI enables mass redaction/anonymization of sensitive information within native documents.

ObscurePI is a key module of the 4iG Suite by Infinnium. ObscurePI focuses on identification and management of personally identifiable information within structured or unstructured data– a key component of data privacy and compliance regulations.

ObscurePI enables Relativity users to identify and redact/anonymize all privileged or sensitive information within native documents, eliminating the need to image documents, and redefining redaction workflow.

ObscurePI provides a highly cost and time effective approach to redacting/anonymizing sensitive information without slowing down core business functions, automatically encrypts files in preparation for transmittal, and provides audit reporting on progress toward compliance.

Key benefits of ObscurePI include:

  • Detects PII, PHI or other sensitive information
  • Facilitates redaction and user-defined mass redactions on native documents
  • Runs full-text searches across Relativity workspaces
  • Easily tag, encrypt, redact, anonymize or delete
  • Export redacted documents in native formats
  • Geolocation-based PII identification
  • Comprehensive Audit & Reporting