OneSearch by JND eDiscovery

OneSearch™ by JND eDiscovery

OneSearch™ is a patent pending search engine that allows users to leverage all of Relativity’s search functionality, as well as a new cognitive search engine, through a single interface.

A Unified Search Engine for Relativity

After submitting a term or topic, OneSearch executes five distinct searches and returns an interactive dashboard and prioritized list of search results. OneSearch returns a variety of deep reaching search intelligence including hit counts for Exact, Fuzzy, Stemming, Conceptual and Cognitive matches for the user’s query.

The OneSearch dashboard consists of a Sankey Chart, Timeline, Histogram and results list. In the results list, documents are automatically ranked by priority from high to low, according to a proprietary composite score ranking. The composite score ranking is calculated using inputs from each of the 5 search providers.

Use OneSearch™ to:

  • Automate all of Relativity’s search functionality in a single search
  • Explore correlations across five distinct search engines (Exact, Fuzzy, Stemming, Concept and Cognitive)
  • Quickly identify the most responsive documents for review
  • Filter results and gain key insights using interactive data visualizations, including a Sankey Chart, Timeline and Histogram
  • Save your search results
  • Use cases: Investigations, search term negotiations, privilege searching, patent and source code searching