PII Logger by Avalon

PII Logger is an application allowing you to track the PII type for documents and both the PII type and data individuals. After document review is completed, you can export individuals' addresses and PII types to Excel, in order to assist with a mail merge for notifications.

Data Breach PII Logger

With PII Logger, you can track PII in a data set on both a document and individual level. You can easily identify all documents containing specific PII types, while the interlinking of the data between documents and individuals allows you to easily identify documents associated with a specific individual. Once review is complete, and it is time for breach notifications, you can quickly export a spreadsheet with the contact information and PII types associated with the individuals in the matter.

Key benefits of PII Logger include:

  • Log PII types for both documents and individuals
  • Log PII data for individuals
  • Export Individuals' PII to Excel for notification mailing lists