PLUS Domain Analyzer by PLUSnxt

PLUS Domain Analyzer (PLUS DA) empowers case teams to quickly analyze, organize and cull their data corpus before pushing documents to a review workflow. PLUS DA uses domain filters to identify Business Industry and Sector of each sender to help analyze and act on data that is irrelevant and doesn’t need costly review.

PLUS DA brings Early Case Assessment to a new level.

Plus Domain Analyzer enables RelativityOne users to quickly eliminate irrelevant data through automated filters, innovative algorithms, and custom workflows. ECA dashboards provide visualization tools that are dynamic so that quick decisions can be made with little effort. This also provides insight to the dataset such that large portions of documents can be prioritized for review or identified as needing additional attention. With the full integration within RelativityOne, PLUS DA and ECA worflows significantly reduces costs by eliminating irrelevant documents, accelerating the time of identifying key documents and providing early assessment of discovery strategy early in the process.

Benefits of PLUS Domain Analyzer include:

  • Eliminate a significant percentage of non-responsive documents
  • Remove junk emails in bulk
  • Gain insight on organizations and particpants within the dataset
  • Screen for potentially privileged documents
  • Promote only potentially relevant documents via RIP (Relativity Integration Points)
  • Organize, classify, and prioritize documents for review