PLUS Project Tracker by PLUSnxt

Project Tracker eliminates the need to manage projects by email, which can become inefficient and difficult to track important information and discussions. The app logs all data related to the project and provides an audit trail of all activities once the project is complete. Email notifications are sent when requests are made, assigned, and completed.

PLUSnxt Project Tracker offers seamless project tracking, transparency, and customer service.

Project Tracker centralizes all project inputs such as requests, instructions, and client needs into the Relativity workspace, enabling the PLUSnxt team to be significantly more responsive. Project Tracker enables clients to access the app while working in their Relativity workspace and will streamline the submission request process by increasing visibility for project managers and analyst teams. Additionally, it expands the PLUSnxt operations team’s expertise and increases the speed and efficiency of the request approval process. The Project Tracker app provides transparency to see who is working on a request, the status of the request, and when it’s completed.

Benefits of Project Tracker include:

  • Increased response times from the Operations team
  • Real-time project status information including email notification
  • Project prioritization and assignment
  • Centralized location for data requests and case information
  • Repository for project documents; complaint, review protocol, chain of custody, etc.