PLUS Toolbox by PLUSnxt

PLUS Toolbox is an assortment of custom solutions that align with the simple default of RelativityOne to allow optionally advanced functionality. Toolbox is permission based and deployed in each workspace so that client administrators can select which tools need to be executed in order to meet case team requests.

PLUS Toolbox helps extend the power of RelativityOne.

With Plus Toolbox, RelativityOne users can perform advanced operations that are not available with the standard Relativity technology stack. These actions can be implemented on a DIY basis or by request from the PLUS PM team. The included tools are available for quick access for common challenges and run in minutes thanks to the performance and scale of RelativityOne. The end result is our clients are able to manipulate fields from incomplete records while eliminating previous manual steps, saving time and money.

Benefits of PLUS Toolbox include:

  • Advanced functionality at client fingertips
  • Permission based access
  • Page Level search
  • Multi-Field consolidation
  • Frequently expanded for additional solutions