PrivLog Builder by KLDiscovery

PrivLog Builder is a one-of-a-kind toolkit that saves time and dramatically improves the quality of privilege logs. PrivLog Builder simplifies field standardization, creates custom and reusable log templates, and has full integration with KLDiscovery’s Relativity environment.

Easier Privilege Logs

Creating a privilege log can be an enormous task without the proper tools. Decisions must be made regarding which documents to include, whether to standardize data, how to provide descriptions, and how to efficiently go through many iterations of the log without wasted effort.

With KLDiscovery’s PrivLog Builder, these worries are a thing of the past. In medium- to large-size cases, our clients typically save hundreds of attorney and paralegal hours by leveraging PrivLog Builder when compared with traditional tools.

Benefits of PrivLog Builder include:

  • Automated Privilege Log Creation – PrivLog Builder automatically generates privilege logs directly from data stored in Relativity–either metadata or user-created.
  • Template System – Users create fully customizable templates to ensure that all information disclosure requirements are met. Templates also allow users to export many different versions of a privilege log without any redundant effort.
  • Name Standardization – PrivLog Builder gives users the ability to standardize names from unlimited variations and replace those variations directly on the privilege log. This eliminates archaic ‘find and replace’ tasks, improves document retrieval, and ensures privilege log consistency.
  • Infinite Reusability – All log templates and normalization data created in PrivLog Builder can be reused as many times as needed, even on entirely different cases.