ReadySuite by Compiled

ReadySuite is software to view, validate, and perform quality control for document volume and production sets.

e-Discovery software for load files and quality control

With ReadySuite, you can edit and validate incoming document volumes from service providers and opposing counsel before loading to Relativity. Then, you can load your outgoing document productions into ReadySuite and perform both automated and manual QC steps. Link coding from Relativity to your production to ensure you’re not sending privilege documents, validating redactions are burned-in and text OCR is updated, and checking load file specifications are met.

You can also use ReadySuite for loading DAT files, metadata, and related files into Relativity. ReadySuite can convert PDF to TIFF, multi-page to single-page, and grayscale (8-bit) images to black & white (1-bit). With ReadySuite’s built-in script library, you can apply multiple data transformations in a single pass or create your own workflows to load data seamlessly into Relativity.

Key Benefits of ReadySuite include:

  • Perform quality control and validate productions with ease.
  • View, convert, edit, manipulate and verify load files. Then, import directly to Relativity.
  • Retrieve coding from Relativity and link to deliverables. Find privilege before it’s too late.
  • Leverage built-in processes for automating QC steps.
  • Utilize built-in script library for faster data workflows.
  • Track volumes, production sets, and QC status.