ReviewSmart™ by Lighthouse

ReviewSmart™ is a first-of-its-kind optimization application, bringing speed and consistency to document-level duplicate review, while also lowering costs.

Document-level duplicate review optimization

Offering rapid and efficient disposition of duplicate documents that survive initial family-level deduplication, ReviewSmart™ accelerates review without risking defensibility. ReviewSmart™ analyzes a user-defined data set to establish each document as a source or duplicate, sending only the unique source documents for review and redaction. Once review is complete, any coding and redactions can be propagated to the matching duplicates.

To ensure coding agreement, ReviewSmart™ analyzes families to flag inconsistencies between document-level duplicates and their families. The application also provides a count of source duplicates to help teams prioritize their workflow.

Benefits of ReviewSmart™ include:

  • Faster review: Quickly locate, review, and propagate coding to large numbers of document-level duplicates, removing them from the review process at the outset to shorten the review phase.
  • Consistent coding: Ensure your review team’s coding is the same for all duplicate documents and help them identify and address coding inconsistencies between the auto-propagated duplicates and their families.
  • Lower costs: Identify and remove duplicate documents up front to reduce the volume of documents in the review and QC processes, saving on costs along the way.