RTK.Redact by Anexsys

Making consistent redactions across duplicate documents is time-consuming and error-prone. RTK.Redact takes the pain out of this process by providing a range of propagation options, accessible directly to the reviewer with no need to run custom SQL scripts.

Share redactions between duplicates

RTK.Redact enables reviewers to automatically propagate redactions to duplicate documents without running custom SQL scripts. By propagating redactions to duplicate documents, review teams can ensure consistency between a standalone copy of a document that is disclosed and instances where this document is attached to different emails. Reviewers can append, replace, or preserve redactions for duplicate documents. RTK.Redact also detects redaction inconsistencies between duplicates, so review managers can easily identify documents requiring remediation.

Benefits of RTK.Redact include:

  • Simple workflow allows duplicates to be redacted simultaneously and consistently
  • Flexible options for replacing and appending redactions across duplicates
  • Fully respects Relativity’s security model and logs propagations in the Document History
  • Seamless integration with Relativity, reducing the need for separate training and support time
  • Built using standard Relativity APIs and Objects so everything can be secured, as expected with any Relativity functionality