Sentio Maestro by Sentio

Sentio Maestro is a model-based quality control software that can be applied to any review (in-process or new) without changing or disrupting the current workflow. e-Discovery teams can use it for quality control for linear review, to identify and correct reviews, and for near real-time evaluation of reviewers and the overall review.

The new document review model-based quality control technology

Quality Control and Project Management

Sentio Maestro is used to provide quality control and project management for a traditional linear document review. Models check each reviewed document individually to identify possible false negatives or false positives. The software provides information to identify and correct up to 100 percent of incorrectly tagged documents, helping teams increase the accuracy of their review.

Sentio Maestro creates batches of documents that may have been incorrectly tagged and delivers a list of these documents, as well as reports. Quality control reviewers have the ability to verify the documents listed and make corrections, if necessary. The process can continue for as long as users prefer.

Review of Reviewers

Sentio Maestro can provide results evaluating the reviewer performance and the overall review. The software tracks, by reviewer, the number and percentage of document reviews that were overridden by the quality control reviewer. Evaluation of the quality of each reviewer is provided by issue tag and time of day, enabling project managers to quickly identify reviewers who may need to be retrained or replaced.

Key Benefits of Sentio Maestro include:

  • Quality control for manual review
  • Ability to identify and correct reviews
  • Near real-time evaluation of reviewers
  • Near real-time evaluation of the overall review


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