Smart Collection by NetGovern

Connect to all your unstructured data sources wherever they sit, on-premises or in the cloud. Search them through a single view to identify data pertinent to your cases, put it under in-place hold, and import into Relativity.

Smart Collection for Relativity Reduces Costs and Accelerates eDiscovery

NetGovern expands the scope of data sources Relativity pulls from, whether on-premises or in the cloud, so all relevant unstructured information can be identified, previewed, collected, and put under hold in-place through a single pane view by inside legal counsel.

Deep indexing provides visibility into the composition of data in seconds within multiple platforms including Microsoft Exchange/O365, SharePoint, OneDrive, Box, Citrix ShareFile, file systems, Google, Amazon, Egnyte, and others.

Advanced filtering capabilities enable Inside Legal Counsel to perform complex searches, streamline pre-collection, and import only what’s necessary into Relativity for Outside Counsel to review, minimizing costs and response time.

Key benefits of NetGovern Smart Collection include:

  • Optimize the left-hand side of the EDRM process by searching multiple sources at once before collection
  • Perform in-place eDiscovery through a single pane view of all your data
  • Minimize the cost of eDiscovery by reviewing, collecting, preserving, and importing only what you need