Source Information Tracking by Ricoh Canada

The Source Information Tracking application solves the problem of locating documents that have been de-duplicated during processing by allowing searches to be made based on the original path or alternate versions of the filename.

Gain insight into information where documents have been collected from.

When de-duplicating or filtering data during processing, information on where data has been collected from may get lost or stored in a difficult-to-handle, long text field holding all possible locations. This gets even more difficult when combining data from multiple processing sources in the same workspace.

Source Information Tracking allows users to get a comprehensive overview of where documents are coming from and where exact duplicates have been found.

Key benefits of Source Information Tracking include:

  • Identify files filtered during processing
  • Get easy access to all custodians of a file or email and all of its exact copies
  • Find documents based on the original location used during collection
  • De-duplicate data outside of the review workspace without losing access to the source information
  • Built with Relativity Dynamic Objects to provide full compatibility with all Relativity versions