SYSTRAN CMLess for Relativity

SYSTRAN CMLess for Relativity provides a bridge between Relativity and the SYSTRAN Enterprise Server allowing you to securely translate confidential information in real-time. SYSTRAN has the capability to accurately translate in 53+ languages and can quickly process and classify large volumes of multilingual ESI. With 50+ years in the automated translation business, SYSTRAN provides you with the quality software necessary to quickly understand large volumes of foreign language documents during the eDiscovery process.


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With SYSTRAN CMLess for Relativity, translations are initiated directly within Relativity. For instance, say you need to translate a single document. When that document is opened in Relativity simply select "SYSTRAN Translate" from the context menu. Or if you need translations for multiple documents, the Relativity mass action feature can be used. A workspace report provides you with the status of every translation request. Translation results are stored in a special Relativity field called ‘Translated Text’ so the results are permanently part of the workspace. With the SYSTRAN Enterprise Server as the translation engine it is easy to scale the system to match your translation needs.

Benefits of the SYSTRAN CMLess for Relativity:

  • Keeps information secure. Our on-premise SYSTRAN Enterprise Server offers you absolute control and the best security for confidential documents.
  • Produces translations fast. Documents are translated quickly allowing you more time to understand and develop a winning legal strategy.
  • Provides high accuracy. The connector has the ability to tailor translations to a specific industry or subject.
  • Reduces translation costs. The use of automated language identification and automated translation reduces the need for human translation, therefore lowering cost.
  • Simplifies analysis and prioritization. Thanks to SYSTRAN’s linguistic functionalities like Named Entity Recognition and Domain Detection, you can quickly scan data and find the information you need.
  • Supports the Pure Neural® translators. Artificial intelligence and deep neural networks applied to language processing.