Ubiqus for Relativity by Ubiqus

Ubiqus combines two sought-after and innovative language-processing services into one single plugin: machine transcription and machine translation. Fully secure and integrated with Relativity, Ubiqus translates foreign language ESI quickly, provides an interactive media player to view and edit transcriptions, and offers highly qualified human translation or transcription of a critical file.

Machine transcription and machine translation combined in just one app

Ubiqus for Relativity helps busy Relativity users speed up language-processing tasks in their e-discovery workflow. It combines state-of-the-art machine transcription and machine translation and offers human proofreading for both services.

Quickly analyze large volumes of data in a foreign language and translate it accurately into your own. Ubiqus covers all common languages with language-specific engines and most other languages with our unique multilingual engine.

Ubiqus also allows you to automatically transcribe audio recordings or videos into English, French, Spanish, or other languages. View and edit the resulting transcription in our interactive media player. The translated document can automatically go through processing to ease search and review.

Our built-in ordering tool also allows you to request a highly qualified human translator or transcriptionist to proofread critical files.

Key benefits of Ubiqus for Relativity include:

  • Relativity plugin: Fully integrated in your e-discovery platform, the Ubiqus plugin combines machine transcription and machine translation in one place. It’s easy to set up, uses familiar Relativity objects, and enables secure file transfer between Relativity and Ubiqus with optimum security and confidentiality.
  • Easy language set workflow: Quickly run ad-hoc submissions from the documents tab or link a saved search to a Ubiqus set.
  • 3-in-1 high-quality translation plugin: Whether you need proprietary neural machine translation, highly qualified human translation, or legally certified translation, the Ubiqus plugin puts all three at your fingertips. Translations are retained in Microsoft file formats for easy reading and analysis, and all major languages are supported.
  • Transcription plugin with built-in interactive media player: Ubiqus provides both proprietary neural machine transcription and professional human transcription. The resulting text is searchable and editable and published in our user-friendly interactive audio and video player.
  • Simple and transparent pricing structure: Order machine or human services in a few clicks. Request a quote from within the plugin for any language that is not part of the initial agreement.
  • Ubiqus content automatically goes into processing: The “Ubiqus Family” function automatically creates a connection between the source and the translated document, so you can analyze and review the resulting text as if it were an original.