X1 Distributed Discovery by X1

X1 Distributed Discovery is an eDiscovery collection and ECA platform to search across and collect from up to thousands of custodians enterprise-wide in a manner of hours, with direct upload into Relativity. Supports ESI collection and pre-collection early case assessment across unstructured, distributed data, both on premise or in the cloud.

Lightning Fast Enterprise eDiscovery Collection and Data Audit Software

X1 Distributed Discovery addresses a critical part of the eDiscovery process, by enabling enterprises to search across all their unstructured data with lightning speed and directly upload their targeted collection into Relativity, including RelativityOne. This revolutionizes the enterprise eDiscovery collection and ECA process with a highly targeted and efficient search and collection capability, providing immediate pre-collection visibility into your data. X1 achieves this with a unique distributed computing architecture based upon our proven endpoint search index technology. All data is indexed in place, including email containers and Zip files. X1 solves the problem of inefficient, time-consuming and expensive eDiscovery collections.

Benefits of X1 Distributed Discovery include:

  • Blazingly fast search capability across the enterprise
  • Minimize collection by preserving only potentially relevant ESI
  • Early pre-collection insight into data
  • Option of stealth or custodian assisted ESI collection
  • Global enterprise scalability
  • Direct upload into Relativity
  • An integrated data governance solution