Allegory is a cloud-based platform that connects all the pieces of a litigation or investigation. Allegory enables lawyers to have critical case information at their fingertips, automate everyday tasks, and deliver ‘more for less’ to clients. Seamless integration with Relativity means you can send single documents or entire saved searches to Allegory—metadata, tags, and all—with a single click.

The Power to Win Any Case

Allegory brings modern technology to the practice of litigation—all in an easy-to-use platform serviced by a team of BigLaw veterans who never lose sight of client needs. Gone are the days of painstakingly storing, searching for, and using information from shared drives and Excel. Allegory enables lawyers and paralegals to access, navigate, and search their entire case in a single, hyperlinked platform—from anywhere, at anytime.

With Allegory, litigation teams can create binders in seconds, apply valuable team insights about specific statements and testimony, track connections across the entire case, and so much more.

Benefits of Allegory:

  • Comprehensive Access to Answers: Allegory links and leverages all of the pieces of information crucial to success in litigation, including evidence, transcripts, filings, correspondence, work product, witnesses, and issues.
  • Automated Litigation Tasks: Allegory reduces non-lawyering time by up to 99% through automation of everyday tasks such as creating binders, compiling exhibit sets, prepping witnesses, and framing outlines or an order of proof.
  • Real-Time Collaboration: Allegory enables litigation teams to preserve and share valuable insights and collaboratively build a case, including among co-counsel and in-house counsel.
  • Full-Case Search: With familiar context-display results, Allegory makes searching across an entire case, multiple cases, or selected materials as easy as looking up your favorite recipe online.
  • Mobility: Allegory enables litigation team members to do everything from creating binders to searching for key information to examining key insights about a witness while on the go, from any device and any browser.
  • Security: Allegory maintains—or exceeds—the highest industry standards to keep workspaces secure, including encryption at rest and in transit, security audits and penetration testing, and HIPAA compliance.
  • Transcripts: Allegory enables you to move transcript management away from clunky, server-based tools and into a single, modern platform that ties key testimony to the rest of your case, including synced video, easy designations, inline testimony filters, and auto-linked exhibits across the case.