AV-X by Control Risks

AV-X is a highly scalable, automated, signal processing transcription tool, which allows users to transcribe and review audio/video files in sync with their transcriptions without leaving their Relativity workspace.

Fully Integrated Audio/Video Player and Synchronized Transcript Viewer

AV-X gives clients full control over the transcription and review of audio/video files, with an easy-to-use interface and predictable cost models, all within Relativity. By eliminating the need for native file applications or costly transcription services, AV-X processed audio/video data can finally fit the same workflows as other electronic data during review, production, and analysis.

Benefits of AV-X include:

  • Pre-processing filters assess and isolate background noises, while a duplicity filter eliminates duplicative audio
  • The tool classifies audio channels in a file and evaluates each utterance separately to return a score for algorithmic confidence on the transcription accuracy
  • Transcription text is fully editable in the viewer, allowing for increased accuracy while maintaining a detailed audit trail
  • Transcription can be indexed (with dtSearch and Relativity Analytics) to become fully searchable, including any edits
  • Smart filters in the viewer allow for targeted review and precise identification of relevant time periods and content
  • One-click text selection allows users to mark sections for redaction, which are covered with white noise during processing