Bridge by Milyli

Milyli Bridge automates the migration of cases into Relativity from other e-discovery software. Quickly and efficiently import documents, images, and document metadata from cases of all sizes with Bridge.

Import Summation and Concordance Cases into Relativity with Ease

When the time comes to change platforms, migrating old case data can turn into a project in itself. When done manually, it's often a time-consuming experience rife with error-and it's frustrating on cases of any size. So what can you do to make your migration smoother?

Milyli Bridge is the leading framework for migrating active cases from Summation and Concordance into Relativity. It preserves all document markup, including highlights and redactions. Milyli Bridge quickly and systematically exports case data from Concordance and Summation, converts it, and imports it into Relativity. The logs are extensive and easy to understand, allowing you to efficiently audit your import.

Milyli actively supports all migrations, providing troubleshooting advice, real-time conferencing, and custom feature development.

Benefits of Bridge include:

  • Automated import:
    • Documents
    • Document metadata
    • Custom Fields
    • Redactions
    • Highlights
    • Notes
    • Saved searches
    • Tags
  • Suitable for all case sizes (100s to 1,000,000s of documents)
  • Automated field mapping and creation
  • Native Concordance and Summation support
  • Asynchronous export and import
  • Migration training and support provided by Milyli's project management team
  • Extensive logging and auditing
  • Image import optimization tool