CDS Convert by Complete Discovery Source

CDS Convert provides conversion of structured data exports and forensic collections of mobile collections, chat applications and other instant message applications to the Relativity Short Message Format (RSMF). Reviewing data in the Relativity Short Message Format provides a standardized format for data to be processed, visualized, reviewed and ultimately produced from Relativity.

Structured Data convertor to Relativity Short Message Format (RSMF)

Chat applications and mobile data are becoming increasingly prevalent in business, with more than 500,000 organizations using platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams, with over 12 million users in each platform. Very few eDiscovery processing tools are updating their software enough to keep up with the changes within those applications. CDS Convert allows you to take what was once considered to be difficult and varied data formats and convert them into an easily reviewable format resembling the native application. Using the Relativity Short Message Format (RSMF) ensures that there are no steep learning curves, custom workflows, non-reviewer friendly outputs or secondary platforms required to conduct a review. Reviewers can begin reviewing without additional training using a format which is easy to redact and disclose.

Key benefits of CDS Convert include:

  • Conversion of a multitude of structured data formats to a unified format with conversation threading and metadata/text extraction
  • Date filtering and message splitting functionality during conversion
  • Display of chat participants, number of messages, participant details and avatar images
  • Keyword searching and highlighting
  • Timeline View identifying keyword responsive messages
  • Images, Emojis, gifs and attachments displaying inline and reviewable from within the chat
  • Imaging and redaction functionality for disclosure of documents