XpressLook by Consilio

XpressLook reduces processing costs, and supports multiple ECA and culling workflows to increase efficiency. It puts important metrics at your fingertips, lets you examine them from multiple views, generates critical reports and drives informed decision-making early in the discovery process.

How it works:

Built on the Relativity platform our clients know and trust, XpressLook allows you to cull and apply analytics and technology assisted review to just the extracted text and metadata. This eliminates the cost and time associated with fully processing the entire data population. Metadata and text are loaded faster than with any other tool, so you have immediate access to the complete data set to analyze, cull, search and review.

You gain access to the entire data set while paying a reduced processing fee on all pre-culled documents.

XpressLook offers one database for all stages with customized workflow features. All tools are built into the baseline offering, which means you don’t have to worry about incurring additional fees for added functionality.

Features include:

  • Fine-tuned technology to carefully and quickly extract data from virtually all file types
  • A redefined tool bar that includes batching, searching, and reporting by file type and name
  • Global Deduplication with Custodian Priority Management to react to changes in custodian orders faster and shift data names in real time
  • Built-in custodian and container tracking and reports
  • Custom pivots and views on all items, including domains, keywords and file types
  • Custodian overlaps and exclusion counts
  • Email threading for grouping, searching and conversation based review
  • Near-duplicate detection

Additional unique features:

  • Privilege Log Normalization
    Use the privilege log normalization tool to identify and group all uses of each custodian’s name.
    – Streamline the tedious process of assembling custodian name.
    – Simplify custodian name assembly and ensure consistent spelling by entering it only once.
    – Use previous custodian normalization on future cases for case over case efficiencies.
  • Custodian Priority Management
    XpressLook gives you the speed and cost savings of global deduplication while it captures details about each instance of a document, providing you flexibility in your productions.
    – Select and prioritize key custodians with interactive deduplication.
    – Change custodian deduplication order in real time as you acquire case information.
    – Customize production sets by adjusting custodian priority levels.
  • Native-on-the-Fly
    – Promote documents to native review on demand.
    – Maintain all previous work product in one workspace.
    – Limit full processing fees to a select set of documents
  • Expert Support
    – Project managers inform, educate and advocate as your personal guides and advisors.
    – Analytics experts harness the power available in XpressLook and Relativity.
    – Solution engineers raise efficiency.
    – Experienced litigators guide your data organization and review processes.

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Benefits of XpressLook:

  • Examine Your Data Sooner. XpressLook loads all the metadata and text into one database to make data available faster and limit costs.
    – Designed for quick access to large data sets.
    – Accurately extracts data from virtually all file types.
    – Loads data into Relativity faster than any other tool.
    – Provides extracted metadata and text for efficient culling and data minimization.
    – Early low cost access to any data set without the need to incur the full cost of native processing.
    – Reduces risk by identifying potential data issues sooner.
  • Open the Nebulous Black Box to Deliver Transparency. Specialized views, pivots and reports give you the tools to track the entire eDiscovery process.
    – Take control over your budget with full transparency.
    – Access data volume and cost details quickly with Visibility reports.
    – Make informed decisions throughout the process.
  • Analyze, Search, Cull and Review Extracted Text and Metadata. You can perform all functions available in Relativity plus enjoy enhanced capabilities.
    – Custom triggers, pivots and views allow you to look inside the metadata and discover the story it has to tell.
    – Email threading for grouping, searching and conversation based review.
    – Near duplicate detection to group similar documents and reduce review time.
    – Uncover the most relevant documents quickly and promote them immediately for review.
    – Prioritize and organize data for review.
    – Analyze, search, cull and perform TAR on just the extracted text and metadata.