H5 Matter Analytics® by H5

H5, a leading provider of eDiscovery and technology-assisted review services, enhances its Relativity-integrated product suite with H5 Matter Analytics. This multi-functional application, which integrates seamlessly into Relativity, provides email threading with visualization, near duplicate identification, name normalization, and personal data detection in one easy-to-navigate package, creating workflow management efficiencies. A major cost-saving benefit is that a user can preview all results within the application before deciding whether to enable capabilities and incur any fees. Granular permission management to enable or limit various functionalities in the application is also a valued feature.

Know more faster with results-driven analytics

For case teams that need cutting-edge yet practical analytics, H5 Matter Analytics accelerates data identification and assessment using techniques based on H5’s acclaimed search and review expertise. Users can visually assess email threads, leverage name normalization techniques, and create layered reporting on personally identifiable information (PII)—all using H5’s unequalled search technology, available at a comfortable price point.

H5’s analytics have been developed, battle-tested, refined and optimized for their utility and practical application to meet the everyday needs of litigation support and review teams managing litigations, investigations, and incident response reviews for cyber breach.

Benefits of H5 Matter Analytics® include:

Email Threading, Thread Viewing, Name Normalization, and Near Duplicate Identification:

  • Streamline review by identifying email thread relationships and near duplicate content relationships.
  • Preview the threading and near duplicate identification results before any fees are incurred to assess expected value.
  • Trace email communications as they flow and branch, review the messages as a single communication stream, and apply coding decisions to individual messages, select branches, or entire thread groups.
  • Automatically normalize names of the participants in an individual email or aggregate the normalized participants that appear across the full thread group. Easily adjust name order, capitalization, and professional suffixes.
  • treamline privilege review and logging by combining Name Normalization with the Thread Viewer, using color-coded overlays that highlight attorneys and third parties in communications.

Personal Data Detection:

  • Quickly analyze data sets for categories of PII (e.g., passport IDs, social security numbers, credit card numbers) to assist in understanding the sensitive data characteristics.
  • Identify document and form types that often contain PII, such as tax forms and resumes.
  • Prioritize identified documents in tiers based on the likelihood of PII content, organized by PII data type.