Traditionally, organizations have had to rely on overly broad collection tools that are both time-consuming and expensive. Heureka’s naturally distributed search platform makes it easy and cost-effective to search and analyze data at the point of creation, across thousands of machines simultaneously, to surgically target relevant information for processing and review.

Heureka’s ACT™ blends the traditional E-Discovery workflow together with files on your endpoints allowing you to seamlessly reuse your Relativity case intelligence. Tag and classification information from Relativity is imported back into Heureka so that your files become more intelligent as time progresses.

Faster access added intelligence to your data means you always have the information you need to make informed legal and investigative decisions.

Benefits of Heureka:

  • Automatically classify sensitive data
  • Reduce Non-Responsive data collection
  • Reuse Relativity coding intelligence with Heureka ACT™ - (Advanced Classification & Tagging)
  • Surgically target only relevant data
  • Interrogate machines that aren’t connected to the corporate network
  • Reduce risk of inadvertently producing privileged files