Relativity Integration Points

Plug into Relativity with Integration Points. Relativity Integration Points makes it easy to build custom connections to third-party software, supporting automatic data imports from other enterprise platforms and applications. It also includes built-in integration with Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) enabled systems, such as Active Directory. Integration Points is available for download in your Relativity Application Library. More information can be found in the Integration Points documentation.

Plug into Relativity

With the help of Integration Points, Relativity Collection can connect two systems to grab native files like email messages, Microsoft Word documents—even Tweets—as well as lists of items from Active Directory, data from a .json file, or a list of matters from a matter management system. To ensure you always have an accurate list of electronically stored information to mitigate risk during data collection, you could configure the application to schedule imports of information about your organization’s data shares and keep your Relativity Collection Data Sources object up-to-date with those data locations.

With Integration Points, you can schedule data imports to occur from wherever, whenever you’d like. A three-step wizard guides you through setting up new integrations – you just set your integration type, schedule the import, and map workspace fields for a streamlined end-user experience. Developers can configure Integration Points to work with any third-party application with an open API, and integration requests for case management, one-off file types, and more are easy to fulfill.

Contact us for advice on how to build your own integration.

Benefits of Integration Points include:

  • Ability to sync documents and document metadata between workspaces
  • Three-step wizard for setting up new integrations with third-party software
  • LDAP to RDO integration built-in: Quickly import from HR systems to Relativity
  • Ability to import custom custodian data from more than one LDAP server
  • Flexibility to filter unneeded entries prior to import, such as departed employees or duplicate records
  • Scheduling for automatic imports on any recurring or interval basis, depending on your business needs
  • Ability to run multiple imports simultaneously
  • Security aware: Users without permission to add items to a Relativity object will not see that object as an import option
  • Easy access to import audit history
  • More built-in integrations to come in future releases
* And Legal Hold 3.3 and above for applicable integrations. Contact to obtain the latest update for Relativity.