Intelligent Voice

Intelligent Voice is the only solution that supports the full audio discovery process from initial ingestion and transcription right through to redaction and production, without either you or the data ever leaving the Relativity platform.

The Intelligent Voice Player within Relativity provides a highly accurate transcript, with speaker separation, synchronized within the review player, with a navigable executive summary for faster assessment of initially responsive items, plus creation, review and confirmation of redactions.

Benefits of Intelligent Voice include:

  • Process, search, discover, review, categorize and redact, quickly and easily, without you or the data ever leaving Relativity.
  • Used by US and European regulatory agencies, forensic eDiscovery specialists, law firms and internal compliance monitoring teams, with a range of published case studies and endorsements.
  • Supports American, Asian and European languages, including multiple dialects and accents as well as the ability to detect and transcribe language changes mid-transcript.
  • Intelligent Voice's ultra-high-speed GPU powered speech recognition algorithms provide results in a fraction of the time of our competitors and with no loss of accuracy, getting you to critical evidence faster and giving you more time to build your case.
  • User-driven model improvement enables a custom dictionary and associated transcription model to be built within Relativity using data from existing sets of emails and documents or imported from relevant webpages/documents.
  • Indexing of identified alternative words overcomes both the over-retrieval of traditional phonetic-based approaches and the under-retrieval of "OCR for Voice" transcriptions that record one word and one word only regardless of what may have been said.
  • Proprietary algorithm surfaces blind spots and putative keywords, as detailed in New Scientist magazine, providing a more robust and defensible set of keywords, enhancing the thoroughness of your audio discovery process.
  • Processes thousands of hours of audio or video a day, seamlessly and automatically within Relativity, without up-front software or additional hardware costs.
  • Available on-prem, private cloud, partner hosted or Secure SaaS, using Relativity, RelativityOne or Trace.