Custom Text Analytics and Machine Learning Applications by develops custom text analytics, machine learning applications, and scripts, built on the Relativity platform.

Specializing in natural language processing, machine learning, and information extraction from free-form text, offers full-stack development and support, including UI solutions and integrations with third-party software. The company‚Äôs portfolio includes an information extraction solution for clinical texts, financial document review applications, a system for legal contract review, and an annotation API.

Relativity customers can work with for custom applications for a range of e-discovery needs, such as:

  • Privileged document discovery
  • Contract review, such as identifying contract clauses of interest or semantic document comparison
  • Identification of sentences/paragraphs within a document pertaining to an issue
  • High-accuracy machine learning-based document classification, complementing Relativity Assisted Review
  • Machine learning-based highlights and redactions
  • Intelligent concept discovery (including synonyms, spelling variations, typos, and excluding negated concepts)
  • Integrated document annotation interfaces
  • Generation of custom reports, document samples, and batches
  • Intelligent de-duplication