Lexel by LegalCraft Solutions Pte. Ltd.

Lexel is a litigation management system that provides collaboration and review features that help litigators in case preparation and legal proceedings. Lexel has a wide range of features for organizing documents and creation of trial bundles. Lexel supports transcripts, both real-time and completed. Features to review documents, such as annotations and cross-references, are all bundled together in an elegant and easy-to-use interface.

Best Case Insight

Lexel helps litigators organize and review case documents by providing a user-friendly collaborative environment. Seamless integration with Relativity enables users to export documents and metadata from Relativity into a Lexel case and conduct case analysis within Lexel.

  • Import documents directly from Relativity
  • Efficiently organize case documents into folders, document groups, bundles and color-coded categories
  • Analyze case documents using advanced annotation and cross-reference tools in conjunction with full text search and reporting features
  • Collaborate in real-time using powerful instant messaging and presentation features
  • Enterprise-grade security and access control features enable law firms to control access to cases, documents, features and operations within Lexel

Key features of Lexel include:

  • Document organization with folder structures, document groups, bundles and color-coded categories
  • Annotation and cross-reference tools
  • Generation of reports
  • Full text search
  • Instant messaging for team communication
  • Document presentation