LSI Translation Plug-In by Linguistic Systems

For Relativity users struggling with translation of foreign documents, LSI has developed the software application LSI Translation Plugin (LTP) for Relativity. LTP provides users of Relativity with seamless access to the unique translation services of Select Translation Service (STS), a patent-pending software solution designed for optimized translation of eDiscovery documents.

What is LSI Translation Plug-in?

LTP gives Relativity users access to STS, a secure software solution that has been called a “breakthrough” by many attorneys working with translation of documents. Users report savings in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for larger projects, while still obtaining a high degree of accuracy and comprehensibility.

To learn more about STS, visit the LSI website. Our goal is your success, and we believe that LTP is the perfect tool to help you accomplish that. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Benefits of LTP include:

  • Creating and managing translation orders directly within the Relativity environment, with no need to import or export documents
  • Automatic insertion of translation results into the long text fields of source documents
  • Instant estimates of translation cost and turnaround
  • Ability to set up various translating permissions for appropriate user groups
  • Time and cost savings.
  • Six levels of translation service options provide the flexibility needed to optimize translation cost and time:
    1. Machine Translation (MT) – Translation performed by computer software.
    2. MT Customization – Output can be improved by use of Glossaries, Stop-lists (do not translate), and translation memory feedback from same or related project.
    3. Light Post Editing (LPE) – Limited human editing of machine-translated documents that gives priority to accuracy of meaning and correct terminology.
    4. Full Post Editing (FPE) – Deep human editing of machine-translated documents that includes syntax and other composition qualities.
    5. Human Translation (HT) – Full human translation (no MT or post-editing) of the original document with appropriate fluency, idiomatic expression, and writing style.
    6. Human Translation with Editing – Fully edited human translation to verify accuracy of all translation aspects and to ensure appropriate style for the intended audience while retaining faithfulness to the message of the source text. Suitable for presentation, distribution, or submission to authorities.