Exolution by Litexn

Exolution pinpoints Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and custom regular expressions in multiple native Microsoft Excel files, allowing users to apply color-coded mass redactions. With the ability to redact cells, charts, comments, shapes, sheet names, and headers & footers, users can avoid accidental spoliation.

Mass-Redact Personally Identifiable Information and Regular Expressions in Excel files

Exolution lives by the mantra ‘Don’t produce what you can’t see.’ The ability of Excel files to hide and password-protect sheets, rows, and columns presents unique document review challenges and production problems. Exolution resolves them, saving a lot of time and money.

Excel files are notorious for producing a large number of TIFF files. The rows can print into separate pages, which makes it difficult to review. Excel file reviews in TIFF format are a very troublesome, time-consuming, and costly process. Native Excel file review and production is cost effective, but it presents a separate set of problems because of Excel’s file structure and protection levels.

Litexn’s Exolution addresses the most pressing problems associated with native Excel file reviews and redactions. With Exolution, reviewers can apply redactions to native Excel files, eliminating the need to TIFF the documents, while ensuring that nothing inaccessible to reviewers goes into a production. Exolution notifies reviewers when documents contain invisible content, content with the same cell and font colors, to ensure it doesn’t go unnoticed.

Key features include:

  • Expose Hidden and Protected Contents: Remove all internal passwords to make all data visible, reducing the chance of spoliation of critical but password-protected or invisible data. Exolution also identifies cells with content that’s not visible, such as text that matches the color of the background or that exceeds what Excel can display, then notifies reviewers.
  • Innovative PII and Keyword Explorer: Apply mass redactions to a large number of documents in seconds, boosting review speed significantly. Reviewers can redact PII like SSNs, major bank card numbers, birth dates, as well as custom regular expressions and keywords.
  • File-Level and Sheet-Level Duplicate Identification and Real-Time Redaction Propagation: Identify duplicate sheets across non-duplicate Excel files and propagate redactions in real time to make the process more efficient and consistent.
  • Excel file clustering based on duplicate sheets: Cluster Excel files based on similar sheets, facilitating better review work divisions and higher review speed.
  • Visually Similar Sheet identification: Identify visually similar sheets across and within the documents to mass redact them.
  • Color-Coded Point-and-Click Redactions: Redaction reasons or types are associated with different colors, making it easy to apply and locate redactions. Select the redaction area or object and create or remove redactions with a mouse click.
  • Global and Local Search and Redact: Exolution has a powerful global and file-level search-and-redact feature for PII, custom regular expressions, and keywords from cells, comments, text boxes, sheet names, and headers and footers across a large number of Excel files. Search a large number of different search terms from hundreds of millions of values in seconds, and apply millions of redactions across a large number of files in minutes.
  • Row, Column, and Inverse Redaction: Supports multiple row and column redactions, as well as inverse redactions at the sheet-level and on whole workbooks.
  • Auto-Hide Empty Rows and Columns: Identify empty rows and columns anywhere in the worksheet and allow users to hide them if more than one consecutive row or column is empty. This prevents users from missing data that’s scattered on remote rows or columns.
  • Protected Native Excel File Output: Administrators can apply password protection to the produced redacted native Excel files.