MaxBilling 2.3 by TSD

TSD’s MaxBilling automates the billing process and streamlines the invoice-to-cash cycle.

Automate your billing process with MaxBilling for Relativity.

Billing is an essential, recurring component of any project, and making the process more efficient can yield long-term savings.

By automatically generating bills, MaxBilling reduces the time and effort you spend on billing, while also minimizing the potential for errors. Generate detailed, easy-to-read PDF reports with calculated costs from pre-set or custom metrics, including billing rates, periods, and tasks.

MaxBilling is included at no additional cost with a RelativityOne license.

Benefits of MaxBilling include:

  • Automatic report and invoice generation with custom schedule options
  • Available reports in PDF, summarized Excel, detailed Excel and ExportData files
  • Reports for Instance, Workspace, Matter and Client level
  • Single- and multi-client reports
  • Custom and recurring billing periods for your periodic incremental usage check-ins
  • Various pricing metrics and custom rates out of the box: Case Rollup, Users, Reviewers, Analytics, Processing, Indexes, OCR and Imaging, Custom Tasks
  • Collection of peak values for file and index usage including native files, dtSearch indexes and analytics indexes
  • Charge clients for single, multiple, or all workspaces at once
  • Multiple invoices for one report with just one click
  • Customizable invoices based on mappings and templates
  • Billing profile inconsistency notifications
  • Dashboards
  • Logo for billing reports
  • Customizable pricing items
  • An annual license agreement for each Relativity instance that includes quick support, free updates, 10 hours of custom development, and 10 hours of training and implementation support
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee