Custom Application Development Services by NSerio

NSerio is a software development company whose sole focus is building custom Relativity applications.

Experience and Expertise

NSerio is a team of developers who focus 100% on building Relativity applications. Since 2011, they have developed applications for top hosting partners, law firms, corporations, and even Relativity. They can develop just about anything on Relativity, from a simple event handler to an interactive web application. Let them help you build your next Relativity Innovation Award winner.

The types of custom applications NSerio has built include:

  • Custom web pages, from attractive reports to interactive maps.
  • Process automation to streamline repetitive tasks.
  • Event Handlers that respond to any set of conditions.
  • Scripts to report on and modify data at the database level.
  • Agents, from sending automated reports to proactively cleaning up environments.
  • Integrations to build a bridge between Relativity and other applications.

NSerio helped develop:

  • Relativity Fact Manager: An application for organizing a matter’s facts.
  • The new layout builder in Relativity 9.3: Build layouts using drag & drop.
  • The new choice editor in Relativity 9.4: The visual way to build a choice list.