Redaction Analyzer - Redaction Detection by ESI Laboratory

Redaction Analyzer deploys intelligent software to automatically detect redacted content in the largest inbound and outbound image-based productions.

Redaction Analyzer

Redaction Detection Software

Automated, intelligent, user-friendly and highly scalable, Redaction Analyzer can be run against the largest inbound and outbound image-based productions, giving lawyers and litigation support personnel the ability to identify a variety of redaction formats in a matter of hours.

Benefits of Redaction Analyzer include:

  • Seamless integration with Relativity
  • Identify a variety of redaction formats including unlabeled black box redactions and text-based redactions
  • Reveal redacted documents produced prior to receipt of applicable redaction / privilege logs and test the veracity of such logs once received
  • Review results with built-in quality control tools
  • Quickly identify and exclude false positives


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