Relativity Archive, Restore, & Move

Relativity Archive, Restore, & Move, otherwise known as ARM, makes it easy to archive, restore, and move workspaces between Relativity installations or SQL servers. You can create and schedule jobs through the Relativity user interface, automate user and group mapping, and more. ARM provides archiving and moving for those who already have backup strategies in place, as well as full archiving capabilities. Jobs can be saved, run on demand, or executed on a future date.


Simplify and Schedule Moves and Back-ups

After downloading and configuring ARM, users can easily create a job by selecting the desired workspace to archive or move and choosing the target destination. ARM converts traditionally manual DART and DBMT functionality to a more automated process, adding improvements such as a directory-based archive architecture. This archive architecture allows multiple users to schedule  jobs, work simultaneously on different jobs, and monitor a job’s progress. Users can also configure batch size, compression levels, and application behavior for native files.

Benefits of Archive, Restore, & Move include:

  • Configuration through the Relativity user interface
  • Job scheduling, progress tracking, audit trails, and email notifications
  • Ability to register a database on a different instance or installation of Relativity if a back-up is not needed
  • Automated user and group mapping
  • Directory-based archive architecture, allowing users to configure batch size and compression rate
  • Migrate Relativity on-premisis to RelativityOne

To download the application, visit the Files & Libraries page on our Community site, select Relativity Applications under the “Libraries” tab, and select the Archive, Restore, & Move file.