Relativity Case Metrics

Understand how your review project is performing with Relativity Case Metrics. This instance-level application shows trends and outliers within document review teams, across all of your matters and clients. Draw on both historical and real-time reviewer data when you generate one of three reports:

  • Choices - understand how documents were coded
  • Statistics - understand how much time was spent coding
  • Overturns - understand the accuracy of the coding decisions

To download the application, visit the Files & Libraries page on our Community site, select Relativity Applications under the “Libraries” tab, and select the Case Metrics file.

Case Metrics Benefits

  • Instance-Level: Case Metrics sits at the instance level, providing users with the ability to easily aggregate data across workspaces, matters, and clients.
  • Data Insights: Filter by client, matter, workspace, user, group, saved search, field, or date range to understand reviewer trends in your instances.
  • Limited Configuration: Get up and running quickly, and generate reports with just a few clicks.
  • More Performant: We’ve optimized the SQL queries and have made use of event handlers, making Case Metrics a reliable and non-intrusive source of information related to your document review.
  • Share Findings: Easily export reports to PDF or CSV to share with your case team.