Relativity Event Handler Express

Relativity Event Handler Express allows you to customize your document review workflows using a simple interface. You can build pre-save event handlers without technical knowledge, so you can create for yourself in minutes what previously required specialized development skills. It’s also easy to make changes to your event handlers and modify your workflow rules as your review process evolves. More information can be found in the Event Handler Express documentation.


Customize Your Logic

Event Handler Express helps you create conditional behavior for layouts, triggering events such as prompts for additional coding choices to occur in Relativity that stem from user action. An intuitive, clickable interface makes it easy to set the conditions upon which events will occur—a particular choice on a field, for example—and you can even string together multiple conditions or create groups of complex conditions to drive more advanced workflows. You can apply your logic to specific layouts, such as a First Pass Review layout, or all layouts on an object. Users are able to generate event handlers for the workspace where the app is installed, and Event Handler Express automatically deploys code and attaches it to the designated objects. The event handler executes when a user performs a save action on the specified objects.

Contact us for advice on how to integrate Event Handler Express into your workflows.

Benefits of Event Handler Express include:

  • Customization of workflows for document review
  • Easy creation of workflow rules without writing code
  • Extended functionality of layouts through a simple user interface
  • Ability to enforce unique logic on a case-by-case basis
  • Use of custom objects to create advanced applications

To download the application, visit the Files & Libraries page on our Community site, select Relativity Applications under the “Libraries” tab, and select the Relativity Event Handler Express file.