Every business is at risk for bad behavior. Protect yourself and your clients with proactive regulatory compliance monitoring.


Relativity Trace - Regulatory Compliance Monitorting Software

Proactive Compliance Monitoring with Instant Alerts

Relativity Trace monitors all communications in near-real time and alerts compliance officers to suspicious content, based on rules you’ve configured.

Detect Problems as They Happen

With a proactive, automated approach to monitoring, there’s no waiting for the other shoe to drop, no looking for smoking guns. Relativity Trace hands over suspicious or inappropriate activity as it’s created, so you can act on it before it escalates.

Fit for Your Standards

Every organization has different criteria for what constitutes a regulatory compliance violation. With Relativity Trace, you write the rules on what terms or behaviors should trigger an alert.

Capture Data from 40+ Sources

Monitor email, audio, and chat, plus attachments from 900+ different file types. Trace connects to all the big financial and enterprise systems, like Bloomberg, Reuters, Skype and Slack, as well as collaboration apps like Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, OneDrive, Box, and more. If you use a system we don’t support, we’ll help you connect it. See all the data sources Trace supports.

Sophisticated Surveillance Policies

Generate and review alerts right away with 15+ out-of-the-box surveillance policies that monitor some of the most common bad behaviors, including market manipulation, insider trading, bribery & corruption, and more. Each policy leverages the best of Relativity Analytics, ensuring fewer false positives so your team can focus on the content most relevant to your business. View the full list of policies and definitions.

Relativity Trace in Your Organization

Trace can shine a light on suspicious activity within your organization almost the exact moment it happens. You tell it what to look for, and Trace handles the rest.

Trader Surveillance

Trader Surveillance

There’s a new level of accountability for organizations to monitor trading activities, including employee communications. Use Trace to detect insider trading, collusion, market manipulation, front-running, and money laundering.

Investment Management Compliance Monitoring

Investment Management Compliance

Monitor your investment professionals to ensure they’re offering advice that meets fiduciary standards—and not doing things like guaranteeing performance or minimizing the risk of a financial product.

Bribery and Corruption Compliance Monitoring

Bribery & Corruption

Detect and act on improper payments, rewards, or gifts that can create legal risks for your organization if not properly investigated.

Same Platform, Same Community

Trace is built on Relativity and optimized for RelativityOne, bringing your e-discovery and monitoring activities together under one platform, supported by a global community.

Single Solution

Should an alert lead to an investigation or litigation, you can complete all your work in Relativity, without ever leaving the system.

Integrated, Proven Analytics

As communications get flagged, bring Relativity Analytics and active learning into your workflow to uncover the most relevant conversations.

Advanced Visualizations for Deeper Insight

Map your data by concepts and use unique visualizations to gain more clarity and insight into complicated threads.

Complete Audit Trails

Relativity keeps a complete audit history of every user’s action—ever. See when a document generated an alert, every time that document was viewed and updated, and who took those actions and when.

A Community to Lean On

Leverage expertise from Relativity’s vast, connected community of users, or join forces with a Relativity Partner for help with everything from managed services to end user support to quality assurance.

Endless Possibilities

With Relativity Trace’s open and extensible platform, you can tailor apps and workflows to your compliance team’s unique needs. Choose a ready-to-go app built by one of our partners or use Relativity’s APIs to build your own customizations. Learn more.

Global Reach

RelativityOne is supported in regions around the globe, including the UK, Hong Kong, and the E.U., so you can easily implement a global compliance monitoring program.

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