Custom Apps for Relativity Trace

With Relativity Trace’s open and extensible platform, the possibilities for your compliance team are endless. Choose a ready-to-go solution built by one of our partners or use Relativity’s APIs to build your own custom integration.

Whichever route you choose, Relativity Trace gives you the option to tailor your workflow to your needs – no matter the industry, no matter the problem.

Find an App for Your Team

Our partners are creating innovative solutions to help you meet your unique compliance workflows and extend Trace into every industry. From translation services to message capturing, there are a ton of options out there.

Pick and choose from the Trace-compatible apps below, with more coming soon.

Intelligent Voice

Intelligent Voice is a global leader in the development of proactive compliance and e-discovery technology solutions for voice, video, and other media. Intelligent Voice's ability to push audio into the compliance workflow enables customers to identify potential bad activity across a wider array of data sources.


For over 27 years, SDL has helped companies communicate with confidence and deliver transformative business results by enabling powerful experiences that engage customers across multiple touchpoints worldwide.


The TeleMessage Mobile Archiver solution enables financial enterprises and government entities to capture and archive the SMS, MMS, calls, and WhatsApp chats of employees in line with current regulations, such as FINRA and MiFID II.


X1 makes enterprise information actionable, in-place wherever it resides, for e-discovery, GRC, privacy, or productivity purposes. With more than 600,000 users in 20,000 different organizations globally, X1 solutions address clients' and users' mission-critical needs every day.


LeapXpert was created to ensure that the modern world of seamless communications, driven by messaging, is able to reach any company who wants and needs it, while solving for and removing barriers standing in the way.

Iconic Translation Machines

Iconic is a world-leading provider of automated language translation software solutions, specializing in custom solutions for the legal industry to help lawyers, e-discovery managers, and litigation support teams review multilingual information quickly, securely, and effectively.


NexLP's Story Engine™ uses AI and machine learning to derive actionable insight from structured and unstructured data to help law firms and enterprises mitigate risk and untap opportunities faster and with a greater understanding of context.

Build Your Own App

Your team can build your own apps and integrations to extend Trace’s capabilities to meet your requirements. Don’t have the dev chops in-house? We can connect you with a partner.