Relay by Milyli

Relay is a Relativity Application that allows you to import documents and data directly into Relativity, eliminating the need to generate and import load files.

Cut out the middleman. Import directly into Relativity.

Time is a valuable resource in the eDiscovery process. When it comes to getting data from external processing tools into Relativity, though, you lose precious time generating load files, mapping and importing the data, and troubleshooting errors with the Relativity Desktop Client every time you need to import. With Relay, you can set up case templates for your import to avoid errors and lengthy manual setup steps, then track and audit all of your imports in the log to quickly identify and resolve any issues. You can also schedule imports to run at a future date or on a regular basis. Relay is fully configurable, so you can pull just the data you need, as well as map your import metadata in a way that makes the most sense to you.

Relay saves you time and money in your review process by automating tedious import steps and letting you focus your resources on what matters—the review.

With Relay, you can:

  • Import data from any system that uses Microsoft SQL Server— including processing engines, in-house tools, and Relativity itself
  • Load natives, images, extracted text, and document metadata
  • Load data into custom objects in your workspace
  • Schedule imports to run at a future date or on a recurring basis – daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Customize and secure the UI to only the groups you want and audit all import activity
  • Quickly set up and deploy the application as part of a case template
  • Streamline the import process, saving time and money