SmartTranscript by Intelligent Voice

Intelligent Voice enables users to play the audio file and see the full transcription, separated by speaker. The software also enables the user to quickly view keywords and JumpTo™ the relevant sections in the file based on a specific key term.

The user can search for a keyword across a group of audio files and any relevant files will be shown, saving time and effort in manually listening to hours of audio. SmartTranscript works with both audio and video.

Benefits of SmartTranscript include:

  • Real-time productivity analysis for individual reviewers and teams
  • Virtual supervision of reviewers
  • Reviewer, document, and overturn statistics
  • Built-in communication tools
  • On-the-go monitoring with an iPhone app
  • Audio transcription integrated into Relativity
  • Keyword search with JumpTo™ capability
  • Speaker separation
  • Search audio with Relativity’s advanced data visualization tools