SMI Aware

Expedite processes and reduce costs associated with the collection and preservation of social media and web evidence with the SMI Aware app. Easily request Social Media & Web Intelligence reports that are developed and curated by our in-house, certified analysts. You’ll get quick turnaround times, transactional pricing, defensible chain-of-custody, and data quality assurance.

Discovery and preservation of social media and web evidence curated by experts

Discover and preserve social media and web evidence that can make your case. Our in-house analysts search social media, search engines, and the deep web to locate, capture, and preserve evidence at your request—finding intel that evades most investigators, while still complying with ethical standards.

SMI Aware Social Media & Web Intelligence reports are unique in the market as they are crafted by certified intelligence experts and delivered in an interactive PDF format that allows you to define the search scope and easily navigate through the results.

The Deep Report (discovery) provides curated findings crafted by our in-house social media analysts to your specifications. Relevant information is attached with the last known URL and a screen cap of the first few pages of the searched site or service. The Export (preservation) preserves online content, maintaining the digital chain of custody and defensibility in court.

Stay away from false positives and preserve evidence before it disappears with SMI Aware.

Benefits of SMI Aware include:

  • Leader in Social Open Source Intelligence since 2011.
  • Strict Code of Ethics and expertise to help you eliminate risk.
  • In-house team of Board Certified Analysts utilizing our proprietary technology.
  • Standardized reports: consistent, compliant, complete with quick turnaround times.
  • Order through a user-friendly and secure interface designed to protect client data.
  • Data quality assurance backed by our experts with custom affidavits and expert testimony.
  • Transactional pricing and volume discount options available.