TSD Services

TSD is an eDiscovery software development company with over five years of experience providing custom application development services for the Relativity platform. TSD has also designed its own suite of Relativity-based applications.

Gravity training program and compatibility certification and warranty for Relativity apps

Since 2013, TSD has developed custom applications for the Relativity platform. TSD has considerable expertise that allows their RelaTeams to create various custom development projects and extensions for the Relativity platform, leading law firms, government organizations and service providers.

TSD specializes in the following Relativity tools:

  • Custom pages (integrated, standalone or both)
  • Event handlers
  • Agents (single- or multi-agent setup)
  • API calls (RSAPI, REST API)
  • Direct database calls and access
  • SQL scripts
  • Relativity Dynamic Objects
  • Console buttons
  • Mass operations
  • Programming saved searches (create, rename and add/remove conditions)
  • Structuring Relativity applications (Object Rules, Layouts, Views, etc.)
  • Elasticsearch
  • Gravity, an open-source framework for all developers in the Relativity community that makes custom development much easier and faster.
  • TSD Development Training for Relativity: a five-day course, covering the fundamentals of Relativity Custom Development with Gravity framework. It teaches developers how to rapidly create agents, event handlers, custom pages and much more with corresponding business logic.
  • Compatibility Certification and Warranty for Relativity Apps: An annual support and maintenance service, which ensures that your custom Relativity apps and workflows are compatible with the latest Relativity release.

TSD’s Custom Applications, Built for the Relativity Platform:

  • Relanote: Provides the ability to tag Workspaces and add notes
  • Analytics Application Part I: Analyzes and classifies Relativity documents using machine learning
  • Analytics Application Part II: Optimizing the application with near duplicate detection and clustering
  • Data Migration Application: Migrates documents' extracted text from SQL to Data Grids
  • Search Application using ElasticSearch: Provides the ability to search terms in Relativity documents, based on Elasticsearch index
  • Forensic File Type Handlers Phase I: Ingests and converts EO1 files
  • Forensic File Type Handlers Phase II: Research, analysis and documenting EDB files conversion
  • MaxBilling: Automates the billing process and streamlines the invoice-to-cash cycle
  • MaxMessage: Builds on the Message of the Day feature to enhance communications

TSD’s Custom Applications, Built for Clients:

  • Connector for Relativity: Send or schedule sends of Relativity documents to an FTP or SFTP server and receive translation results, along with email notifications—all without leaving the Relativity platform
  • Audio Player: Play and listen to documents in audio format, alongside audio keywords functionality
  • Field Tracking App: Track Relativity document field and the execution of Relativity scripts when the value of the monitored field is modified
  • Cognitive Services Connector for Relativity: Send Relativity documents to specific third-party services and receive data results from them
  • Export files with folder structure: Export files from Relativity and keep the folder structure
  • Case Management App: Collect information about all workspaces within a Relativity instance
  • CFR Tool: Address a number of medical insurance questions grouped in different categories
  • Propagation of document ID, parent document ID and Ref document ID for family member: A script that allows users to select Document fields and which values will be populated from parent document to child documents
  • Locate a document based on internal Bates: A script that tags and finds documents by their internal Bates values
  • Populate Parsed Custodians from STR Field: A script that automatically creates a choice with a parsed name for each custodian
  • Propagate Sort Date Script: A script that propagates a Sort Date field based on five prioritized date fields for the Document object