Relativity User Import App

The Relativity User Import App allows administrators to import a list of users into Relativity via a CSV file, which eliminates the need to create users manually through the Relativity interface. To download the application, visit the Files & Libraries page on our Community site, select Relativity Applications under the “Libraries” tab, and select the Relativity User Import App file.

Add Batches of New Users to Relativity

Administrators have the same options for configuring user settings in the Relativity User Import App as they do in Relativity. Administrators can either manually set all user passwords, or auto-generate user passwords. Once these passwords are set, Relativity will email users notifying them that they have been set up with Relativity access.

Relativity User Import App allows you to:

  • Easily import a large number of users into Relativity directly from a CSV file.
  • Add all newly created users to a Relativity group automatically.
  • Receive email notifications when new Relativity accounts and passwords are created.
  • Export lists of Relativity users to a CSV file (version 7.5).
  • Create a CSV load file template (version 7.5).