XLerator by Evolver

XLerator is a time-efficient, cost-effective, and accurate integration for reviewing, redacting, and producing native Microsoft Excel files.

Review, Redact, and Produce Native Excel Files

XLerator reduces the burdensome process of applying manual redactions through automated features such as deduplication, and it allows the reviewer to not only redact but also produce native Excel files—no more TIFFs required.

XLerator provides a seamless user experience with its Relativity integration:

  • XLerator is a viewer feature within the Relativity workspace.
  • Integrated with your Relativity workspace, XLerator provides a seamless user experience.
  • Review, redact, and produce Excel files without switching from Relativity to another application.

This innovative legal technology solution provides an efficient alternative to the current industry process of redacting Excel files in an image format.

Key features include:

  • No More TIFFs: No need to convert native Excel files to PDFs or TIFFs prior to redaction
  • Automated Redactions of Duplicates: Review a single Excel file and apply redactions to duplicates
  • Reduced Manual Review: Built-in automated Relativity and XLerator features lead to reduced review time
  • Complete Integration into Relativity: Viewer feature is available within the Relativity workspace


XLerator: 2017 Innovation Awards Finalist - Solution Provider