Target and collect the right data.

Gathering global custodian data doesn’t have to be a hassle. Relativity Collection helps you conduct targeted collections with minimal disruption to business operations.

Smarter Targeted Data Collection

Gather potentially relevant information quickly.


Data Collection Software

Preview Before You Collect

The scout feature provides complete visibility into a custodian's machine, revealing folder structures, files, and file-system metadata so you can make informed decisions about what to collect. See what scout’s all about.

Reduce the Scope

Drill into folders, search available data, and intuitively filter to reduce the breadth of your collection and save costs downstream.

Hear how Relativity helps CDS make decisions around their data that save time and money.

Complete Discovery Source - Collection


Collect from anyone, anywhere in the world, without disrupting the workday.


All-In-One eDiscovery Software Platform

Collect on Your Terms

You can initiate a collection remotely via email or from within Relativity on a custodian's machine.

Limit Interruptions

Custodians need only to click a link to start a collection—without having to log off their computers or stop working.

No IT Support Required

Case teams can quickly start the collection process and make defensible decisions on what gets collected—without assistance from IT.

Drinker Biddle - Relativity Data Collection Software Testimonial

“What I love about Relativity Collection is that any user or custodian in the world can work in this application and understand what they need to do. It’s incredibly easy to use.”

Bennett Borden

Partner, Co-chair of the Information Governance and e-Discovery Group

Comprehensive Source Coverage

Gather information from wherever it's stored.Relativity Data Collection Software | Collect Data from multiple sources

Broad Format Support

Collect from network drives or UNC paths, Microsoft Exchange servers, Office 365, SharePoint, Gmail, and more.

Limitless Customization

Author your own plugins to collect from any data source.

Fully Integrated

Streamline your collection workflow and automatically process data.

Get to Review Faster

Automatically process collected data for review without leaving Relativity Collection.

Consolidate Custodian Information

A shared custodian portal for Relativity Legal Hold and Relativity Collection lets you track outstanding tasks and custodian interactions, view legal hold and collection metrics, and maintain audits and reports in one place.

Relativity Data Collection Software - Auto Processing

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