Custom Development Services

Relativity's custom development team helps customers build or modify solutions for Relativity 8.2 and higher. Additionally, the team offers billable consulting on client projects and billable Relativity compatibility testing, and they also troubleshoot solutions owned by their team. Relativity Administrators can access the most popular solutions created by the custom development team on the Community site.

Each solution contains a PDF with the following information:

  • The version of Relativity on which the solution functions.
  • Special considerations associated with the solution.
    • These special considerations outline information that may not be readily apparent about how solutions function.
    • It is important to read these considerations to fully understand how and why solutions function in the manner that they do.
  • Instructions on how to install the solution.

Special Considerations

The custom development team only develops on the Relativity platform using our supported APIs and extensibility points. We may not be able to modify core features of Relativity, such as adding additional modes to the Relativity Viewer. Please contact us if you have questions about the kinds of solutions we can build.

Billing reports created by the custom development team are general estimates. You should only use billing reports released with Core Relativity for accurate billing information.

Custom solutions must be created within the confines of Relativity Development Best Practices, which include creating/using the:

  • Relativity Agents
  • Event Handlers
  • Custom Pages
  • Custom Mass Actions
  • Import API
  • Services API
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