Data Grid

Handle big data better.

Tackle the biggest projects that come your way with Data Grid. By horizontally distributing long text and audit data, Data Grid reduces the strain on your resources and lets you quickly act on audited user and system activity.

Higher Thresholds

Scaling your environment is simple.

Relativity's NoSQL Data Grid Store

Horizontal Scaling

Distribute your data horizontally across multiple smaller servers instead of adding expensive resources to your SQL environment.

Less Time Behind the Scenes

When you outgrow your infrastructure, simply add more nodes and let the system automatically distribute the data.

Act on Audit Data

As Relativity audits nearly every user action — from document views to coding decisions — Data Grid displays an audit history that's not just comprehensive, but interactive.

Keep a Pulse on System Activity

Dive into the data with easy-to-use charts and tables that allow you to make sense of user and system activity.

Make Smarter Decisions

Pinpoint the information you need to make decisions that improve productivity and support quality control.

Instant Searching

Data Grid gives you instant access to your documents so you can immediately start investigating what's there.

Reduce Storage Requirements

Process long text directly into Data Grid to save on storage by reducing the number of copies.

Save Index-Building Time

You don't need to waste time up front building or maintaining indexes, and you'll never have to slow down to rebuild indexes when new data comes in.

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